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Plan B: Alcohol, Medicines, Fatigue & Driving

An interactive workshop focusing on the impact that alcohol, drugs and fatigue have on driving ability. Through small group work and student presentations, students identify planning strategies for travelling safely, even when their original plans go wrong and they need to implement “Plan B”.

Food for thought...

Before travelling, have you planned and prepared a back-up, just incase your initial plans go wrong?

Do you know the number to call if you have no credit on your mobile and no range?

How much faith should you place in other people to get you home safely?

Do you have a 'safe person', someone you can and would call, who will pick you up and get you home safely if you are in trouble?





Session Aim

To develop a culture of pre-planning for unexpected situations by challenging students’ ideas related to alcohol, medication and fatigue.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this session, students will:
• understand the importance of having a back up plan with workable strategies
• understand how the side-effects of fatigue, alcohol and medication compromise driving ability

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