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My name is Damian and I am an avid car enthusiast. I’m an Aussie living in rural Australia. I pass the days as a petrol station attendee and strangely to some, love that job – probably because I come into contact with some many car owners on a daily basis. Even in a small rural town, I still see more than my fair share of quality vehicles.

I mentioned above that I, like many people, have been deeply touched in the past by road trauma, having lost a very close friend who crashed her vehicle at high speed shortly after receiving her P plates whilst I was completing Year 12.

The circumstances of that crash will not be known, but it was probably one of the catalysts for my obsession with driving, road safety and all things motor vehicles. I love cars.

But I also value safety. Rate Your Drive Australia is my outlet for sharing my knowledge on cars, driving and also providing information about motor vehicle must-haves such as;

  • Car Insurance: I have written a range of articles on this topic with a view to helping people to understand the specifics of Australian car insurance, including all the different forms of car insurance and plenty of tips on how to get the cheapest deal possible.
  • Car Finance:
  • Car Reviews: I have put together a huge catalog of vehicle reviews covering everything for SUVs through to people movers, family cars, electric cars and individual vehicle reviews also.

I hope that you enjoy what I write (I’m still learning the art of managing a website so please excuse anything that doesn’t work on this site!).

RYDA Road Safety Program:

cars and car insurance guideRoad Safety is something that is dear to many people’s hearts and a significant number of Australians have been impacted by road trauma is some way.

The RYDA Road safety project is an acronym for Rotary Youth Driver Awareness and is a school-based road safety education program run for 16-18 year olds.

The program is run by Road Safety Education Limited (RSE), a not-for-profit company.

The program is presented by professionals and aims to deliver practical road safety information to young individuals, who collectively account for a significant portion of road deaths each year.

Australian Road Fatality Statistics:

australian road fatality statistics

Shockingly, though perhaps not surprisingly, 17-15 year olds, who make up approximately 15% of the Australian Population, account for around 1 in every 4 road deaths. It is through high-quality programs such as RYDA that it is hoped that the alarming trend of young driver death and injury can be somewhat controlled.

For further information, visit the Road Safety Education Limited website at www.rse.org.au

Australian road fatality statistics 2012 (source http://www.bitre.gov.au):

road death statistics Australia

image of ambulance

Please note, ryda.org.au is not affiliated with the RYDA program operated by Road Safety Education Limited. I’m very thankful for programs like RYDA given that I have been directly impacted by youth road trauma in the past (see top of page.

If you were looking for some brief info about the program, hopefully what I have above is sufficient. If not, you should check out www.rse.org.au.

Article written by Damian Roberton